The Art of Gabriela Shel

Fantasy Art and Illustration

My Website

Welcome! My name is Gabriela Shel, and I'm a professional artist, illustrator and designer. I have worked in video games, book illustrations, as a portrait artist and designer and bring over 7 years of work experience. I love painting portraits and creating fantasy worlds. You can find a selection of my works in the gallery, read about the types of commissions I offer in services, find useful resources for painting or read my blog about art related topics. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. Let's get in touch!

What I can do for you

Custom Portrait or Illustration

I can create any illustration you need - for personal or commercial use.

Book Covers

I will create your book cover artwork and professional illustrations in a variety of styles.

Game Art

I create professional game assets and concept art, such as characters and creatures, icons and items.

Art Licensing

I license my artworks to be used on products and packaging as well as also create custom surface pattern designs.

Click on the link below to see more details about each service I offer including pricing and examples.